Riding Rescues

Regarding ‘Riding Rescues’ ~I’m going to touch on something that isn’t terribly popular with many in the ‘rescue’ world here. ‘Omg, you guys RIDE rescued horses’?!?!The short answer is ‘yes’ BUT…..Here is a bit more about that. You see, many horses ENJOY ‘being ridden’. WAIT, … Continue readingRiding Rescues

All That Glitters

‘All that glitters is not gold’………Except when it is. Now I’m going to show you a FINE mare….‘Tresora’Thirteen years old and fourteen /three hands of STUNNING, she is. BUT WAIT………..She is kind, gentle, full of personality, safe and great minded. Treasures like her are indeed … Continue readingAll That Glitters

Night Mares

I feel it necessary to address an increasingly prominent problem in the ‘Equine Rescue’ community. …. Actually, more than a mere ‘one’.I’ll jump right in with no forward on this. MASS BAILING. An ever growing and SERIOUS issue. Let me explain, as simply as I … Continue readingNight Mares


Enlightening announcement regarding my organization Soul Horses LLC ( And its subsidiary nonprofit Soul Afire) ~I have, and will continue to move LARGELY away from ‘fundraising’ horses. BUT WAIT, let me explain precisely what I mean by this. After several years of watching , learning, … Continue readingEnlightenment


‘Grande Girl’ and her adorable filly ( Kimber ) update~Now residing with Triple Cross Farms in Texas these gals FINALLY are looking better. Lovely sight of a fall morning to see these girls and wanted to share that with all of you . β™₯


It’s been quite another whirlwind of a month, indeed. I thought it high time to ‘recap’ August , so with absolutely no further adieu…..Away we go! Butterbeer, Kode Redd and Diego arrived to quarantine in Austin August 6th and aptly dubbed the ‘Three Amigos’ this … Continue readingTHE SUNDAY POST

Three Amigos

Quarantine is better with friends, it appears. On August 6th, 2020 ‘Tag 1123 and Tag 1124’ were bailed from Kaufman Kill pen and IMMEDIATELY picked up ( thank heavens) . BUT WAIT!Diego( who will have his own story told shortly) also picked up from the … Continue readingThree Amigos