They say ‘Life is a Gamble’….and that is certainly true when purchasing or rescuing a ‘Kill Pen Horse’.
More often than not you will have NO idea what you are getting, what medical or mental issues these horses will have. You may never know their history, where they came from, who was kind or cruel to them. ( Though if you are willing to TAKE the chance, they will tell you if you but listen.)
You may well get a horse blind in one eye, or both, one with terrible abuse induced behaviours, and any number of other ‘issues’.

‘Well , my God, then. Why on EARTH would you take that chance on such a horse, then?!’ may well be your question.
My answer is this.

Yes, you COULD get any one of the aforementioned things , and often likely will.
You MUST be not only willing to take that chance, but to be prepared and knowledgeable about how to handle it should that be the case.
If these are things you are NOT well equipped to deal with and have planned for, I strongly suggest you not do it , as that only perpetuate the ‘Kill Pen Cycle’ by (more times than not) landing a horse ‘with issues’ right back in a kill pen, low end auction, or just back on the sicky cycle carousel of ‘unwanted’.
So please, make CERTAIN you are willing to deal with whatever ‘baggage’ a horse may come with before you ‘bail’, purchase, or rescue.

Yes, you may get a grab-bag of issues……….
But you may also get a once in a lifetime horse. A friend. A companion. A show horse. Camp horse . A ‘babysitter’.
That, to me, is worth it EVERY time.

So please.
Be SURE you are willing to deal with a ‘maybe’.
Be CERTAIN you have a plan in place, and the proper help should a horse not be what you expected , for that does indeed happens.
The beautiful thing is…….
Sometimes you may get far MORE than you expected.

Be willing to ‘gamble’, but be smart about it…
For their sake , and yours.

Until next time……
Take breath, prepare yourself, and roll those proverbial dice .

After all….
Life IS a gamble.

~ Randi


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