Stallions and Slaughter~ TRUTH

‘But they can’t ship stallions to slaughter!’
I hear this ALL the time, so let’s talk about that for a moment.

No, they are not ‘supposed to’ ship stallions to slaughter.
Does that stop them? Often not.

Now for the uglier part.
MOST often, a kill pen / weigh t buyer will crudely castrate a stallion to ship them to slaughter. This, to me….is somehow worse. ‘Insult to injury’, one might say.

This is a very short post to simply state that when one screams ‘ They won’t ship him to slaughter, he’s a stallion’!…………
Let me just say ….
That could not POSSIBLY be more inaccurate.

You may not find much on this via ‘Google’, granted……
But believe me, what I say here is truth.

Inspiration for this post was ‘Acorn’ , a stallion saved just this week from Fabrizius Livestock in Colorado.
This is one boy that will not meet those cruel, horrendous fates.
For that I am grateful.

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