Horse Sense and Pistachios

And sometimes…..
We save ourselves.

Let me share with you a horse that either displayed fate in action ….or exceptionally good ‘Horse Sense’.

Owned by a kill buyer in Texas and the un fortunate victim of ‘the slaughter pipeline’ this horse landed in a direct ship pen four days ago. ( ‘Direct Ship’ means he was purchased for his weight to fill a ‘quota’ of per pound of horses to be sent directly to slaughter.)

Now. This happens EVERY day in the United States. Thousands of horses we never see meet this end and the thought of it is ….well.

THIS HORSE, however, on the night the trucks were loaded set himself apart.
He was ‘down’, colicking and REFUSED to get up. By sheer luck, my friend ( who often , daily, goes out of her way to give some of these horses a chance by photographing, videoing, and assessing them in a VERY short amount of time before they ship to slaughter) was there.
She saw him.
She did not turn and walk off shrugging off the fact that ‘horses go to slaughter, just a fact.’
Instead, she got down on the ground with him.
Medicated him.
Talked to him.
Got him up, walking, and across the way to her place.

Though as of today he is STILL owned by the ‘Kill Buyer’, he has a window of opportunity to be saved .
I think it would be a slap in the face of all the forces at work who saw fit for this to happen to NOT try and help him get a home….
Rather than a cruel ending as he was ‘intended’ to.

As of this moment, he is being loved on by two children who though all too wise to the ways of a cruel world already…..put that aside to love him for a minute.
To feed him pistachios.
To pet him.

Now how the hell could we NOT help this guy, and get him a family to continue doing that?

With all the horrors, cruelty, sickness and death I’ve seen….
I’m also shown OFTEN that wonders never cease.
It’s up to us to make them miracles, in my opinion.

And that’s what this is ALL about, to me.

He is terribly thin, has a ‘big’ back leg, I’ve no idea yet of his age.
I’ll never know his prior story.
We can give him a new one, starting here.


Please note at the time this is written, the horse we have dubbed ‘Pistachio’ is OWNED by a kill buyer ( Last Chance Direct Ship Pen)
He inspired this post, and I’ll damn sure do my best to save him, but he is NOT owned by Soul Horses LLC or any affiliate thereof.

He has arrived to quarantine, November 2020 and is well on his way to health and a wealth of love.

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