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Together we can ‘Gitit’ done!

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To send a one- time payment to help with the care of the horses click Help Now~

By clicking this link you have read and understand all disclosures and agreements set forth herein. You acknowledge donations to Soul Horses LLC are non-refundable for successfully rescued horses as they have been used to bail and care for rescued horses.

Being “safe” means little without ongoing care

Quality feed, nutrition, and oh that MARVELOUS alfalfa are crucial to not only gaining but maintaining weight as well as overall well- being. Grain and supplements are used as needed for those of our horses who need ‘a bit more’.
ALL horses are fed Coastal Hay as part of their feed regimen.
‘Stick with what works’ , my once upon a time feed store boss told me. . .
And work , it does!

“Have a round on me!”


Round Bale


Square Bale
(For stalled horses)

As most ladies will tell you, when you’re feeling down… Get a new pair of shoes!(Or A Nice Pedi…..)

Seriously though : Proper hoof care is ESSENTIAL to the well being of a horse, providing comfort, function and balance. As they say ‘No hoof, no horse’ .
It is QUITE true!
Barring any serious conditions requiring expertise( Special shoes, et cetera) our horses are on a 6-8 week trim schedule.

Farrier ~


Per Barefoot trim

Help Rescue a HORSE

We often pull horses from both kill pens and auctions. To continue doing so we of course need help. To contribute to the bail/purchase of a slaughter bound horse in need see below!

Rescue Bail/Purchase~




An Apple a day keeps the vet away? I WISH.

Though we always hope for disaster to NOT strike, it often does in the form of strangles, injuries, ulcers( VERY common in rescued horses), abscesses and more.
Barring those (expensive!) disasters there is of course standard veterinary care we must provide.
Standard Routine Veterinary Care ~

Vet Care ~

  • Rabies: $25.00
  • EEE/WEE/Tetanus: $28.00
  • West Nile Virus: $36.00
  • Flu – Rhino: $35.00
  • Coggins Testing $40
  • Fecal Exam: $25.00
  • Teeth Float: $85.00

Early Bird special~

Be an early bird , for you know what they say about those. ….
But worms are most unwelcome here!
Treat a rescued horse to a tube of dewormer
Our horses are on a routine rotation of dewormer, Ivermectrin being our MOST used and most affordable.

Dewormer ~


Might not cost much but used often!

Dinner Date

β€œOne cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
~Virginia Woolf

Truer words rarely spoken ~
Proper nutrition (tailored to each horse’s needs) is KEY to physical and mental health . Our ‘Go to’ feed for HEALTHY horses is a Stock &Stable, roughly $10 per bag .
Those of our horses requiring more fat and higher nutrition/protein content (Re-feeding’ program) are fed one of the following ~


  • Purina Impact with Hay stretcher ~ 14.99
  • Purina Impact ~ 12.75
  • Strategy HE ~ 20.40
  • Triple Crown Complete ~ 24.99

And the old standby, tried and true ~

  • Crimped Oats ~ $14.99

Bucket lickin’ good!

A wonderful way to stay involved MONTHLY for as low as $1 .
The funds from our Patrons are used for care, emergencies and auction saves.
Consider becoming a ‘Patron’ today!

All funds sent to Soul Horses LLC are non refundable as they all go to care of our rescued horses.