Baby Bloomer BADASSES!

The ‘Baby Bloomer’ Makeover Challenge was not only a huge success but a WONDERFUL learning experience.
The women involved with this project have been amazing, as are their results.
Correction…..They ARE amazing!

Each took in a ( or two πŸ˜‰ ) saved from slaughter babies and made them, in my eyes, superstars.
HUGE congratulations to you Kelly, Tiffany, April, Erica, Rebecca, Brianna, Amanda, Nancy, Fawnya and Emma for your WONDERFUL job with these kids.
I’m proud of your work, dedication, and YOU!!!

These once unwanted babies , all saved from varying kill pens have THRIVED in your care and that, mon amis, is PRECISELY what this was all about.

Forming lasting friendships with you was just a b onus, and one I’m honored to have.

I look forward to doing this again next year!
( And as this was a ‘First go’, I intend to make next year’s even better!!!)

WHO could have foreseen the world crises forthcoming? State lockdowns, quarantine, closed roads…..
Yet these badass women made it happen anyway.

Rock on Slaughter Horse Superstar girls.
Rock on.

Special thank you to April who has now taken in THREE saved from slaughter mares with foals at their side in addition to the original three babies.

To Rebecca for going way, way above and beyond with Nubs, Nugget and the heart wrenching and ill fated ‘Luna’.

To Tiffany for finding little spitfire Zsa Zsa who went through FAR too much ( bailed, abandoned, denied by her ‘owner) the perfect home.

To Kelly for learning the MOST during this and bouncing back two scraggly, skinny, silly looking babies who now look smashing. To Laura for her training and assistance with wee little Rosemary, as well!

To Brianna……your baby was the wild child. River looks BEYOND amazing, and the bond you two have formed warms my heart.

To Emma, for taking in three pitiful looking sorrel kids and making them blossom.

To Erica for nurturing Hepburns beauty bloom.

TO Amanda who did …well. All I can say is AMAZING with Austin and Ozma.

To Theresa for overcoming obstacles and STILL taking in Peeps PLUS a mare and foal who are ALL thriving now.

THANK you ladies. People like you give me hope.
And that….
Is priceless.


Ozma ~ Amanda in Texas
Saved from slaughter January 2020
Austin ~ Amanda in Texas
Saved from slaughter February 2020
Nubs~ Rebecca in Texas
Saved from slaughter February 2020
Nugget ~ Rebecca in Texas
Saved from slaughter February 2020
Rosemary ~ Kelly in Kansas
Saved from slaughter February 2020
Zsa Zsa ~ TIffany in Colorado
Saved from slaughter February 2020
Togo and Aidan
Togo and Aidan
~ April in Colorado
‘River’ ~ Breanna in Kentucky

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