‘This old Horse’~

Last week I posted a video with Dreamcatcher, (who will be picked up today by the way) but there were two others in the video that I couldn’t stop thinking about and many of you have asked what happened to them. When I contacted Fabrizius kill pen about them, the paint had been purchased by someone… But the gray had not. They called him “Picknick”.

To put it bluntly, I could not stand it having seen his face and knowing that he would most likely be unwanted, forgotten but for the short video he had a cameo appearance in, and a listing on a kill pen page.
So I called a friend of mine in Colorado to ask if she had room for an old, shaggy, dejected looking horse. Naturally… She did.
The odd part is that she and her daughter had gone up to this lot to pick up for someone else and seen him, met him, pet him and fell. a bit in love with him prior to my asking if they could take him in,which was met with a resounding and slightly teary “Yes!”

Here he is today safely in his new home with wonderful people. He just arrived last night… Looks like he’s shedding the old………
I wanted him safe , so with the help of a very generous donor(You know who you are!), I bought him.

What I did NOT know is that in doing so, they did not have enough horses to fill the truck and NO horses were shipped to slaughter from Fabrizius Kill pen last Sunday.

I’ll be damned.

I am so happy for him and his new people. Thank you Margaret and Fam!

Bailed 5.16.20
Arrived to his home in Colorado with Margaret 5.18.20

I like to think he is looking forward to his new life. It sure looks that way !
Picknick ~ Shedding the old. LITERALLY!

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