Bon Voyage, Bolero

Ah, Bolero . What a guy!
Saved from slaughter not once but TWICE….Yes. Twice.
A ‘fundraising group’ bailed him from a kill pen once….and left him there for months after.
Yes, that still irks me to think of but in the end….it all worked out well for him.
I purchased him January of 2020 and he has been a member of the Tyrrell Park Stables family. Trail rides, camps, playdays, lessons and more…..and he did it all with style and oodles of personality.

He needed more. A person of his OWN, new adventures, challenges. Some horses are this way, you see. They CRAVE close partnerships with their ‘person’. They thrive on being challenged, having a job.
Some may not understand this….but to do so you would need to know a horse such as Bolero.
And so….He is off to his new family and a girl of his very own. I could not be more thrilled for them both, and so look forward to seeing their adventures together.

I know they will have MANY.

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