Speaking of Slaughter

One week in to the year 2021………..
And slaughter is still an ever growing and rampant issue.
I am still shocked, five years after learning what a huge issue this is, how many people still do NOT know horses are shipped daily from the United States to slaughter plants in Mexico, Canada, and abroad.

I had hoped, and still do, that further strides would have been made toward a better way, solutions to this horrendous problem………..
But alas, we are still in the thick of it.
So, I will address a few things here, the two most often asked questions :

WHY are horses sent to slaughter?
First and foremost: MONEY.
This has sadly become a HIGHLY lucrative industry for two reasons.
The price of ‘meat’ ( I cringe just typing this), of course but also the exploitation .
‘Kill Pens’ are WELL aware those of us with soft hearts will pay their insanely inflated prices to spare these horses the fate of slaughter.
I am sad to say that it does indeed fuel the problem when we do but therein lies the crux.
Personally, I’ve not yet come to a point where I can turn away , despite knowing it is not a solution to ‘bail’, from a horse I feel led to help .

It IS LEGAL, most unfortunately, for ‘kill buyers’ to purchase and ship horses to slaughter at this time.

The better way, a true solution , is out there, I feel.
It will take MUCH more awareness and a very concentrated effort to achieve that.
For now, it is all the proverbial ‘band-aid’ approach……
For us to all do what we can.

January , 2021 ~
Peabody Kansas Kill Pen
Forty Four young horses were dumped , slated for slaughter.
Though thousands of horses go to slaughter , weekly…..
Forty four BABIES at once facing such a fate is quite horrendous.
I’ve included a video taken from the Kansas Kill Pen page of said babies, who fortunately were ALL spared that ending.

What can we do to help?
Raise awareness.
Spread the word, and educate ourselves and others with facts.
Below is a very quick overview of ‘The Slaughter Pipeline’ but I encourage you to research this on your own, from every angle.


You can donate to GOOD rescues who specialize in rehabilitation and training of kill pen horses. It is not a solution to slaughter, but it does take some out of the pipeline and raise awareness. I implore you to do very thorough research before donating to any organization. This is not only to protect the horses, but all too often horses are bailed and placed in incompetent hands.
“Bad rescues” only further perpetuates this cycle of abuse.
(And that, friends, is a story for another day!)
Be thorough, and sure that all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Until we find that BETTER way…
That solution……..
We ‘soldier on’ and do what we can.
As OFTEN as we can.

~ Randi

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