Enlightening announcement regarding my organization Soul Horses LLC ( And its subsidiary nonprofit Soul Afire) ~I have, and will continue to move LARGELY away from ‘fundraising’ horses. BUT WAIT, let me explain precisely what I mean by this. After several years of watching , learning, DOING, I have learned quite a few things regarding the ‘Online Equine “Rescue” community. After what I have learned, and what I have come to see as an ever growing hideous industry(slaughter/ kill pens/ mass bailing) I am appalled at the actions and repercussions of so many groups fundraising to ‘Save Horses’. I believe, no…I KNOW that I have found a BETTER way to truly help the horses I love so.
Let me preface this with the fact that I am ANTI SLAUGHTER, make no mistake. However, I am far MORE anti CRUELTY and prolonged suffering. That , unfortunately, has become an even MORE rampant problem in ‘equine rescue’. It is not ‘saving’ if it is only ‘bailing’ with no bettering of the life saved. It is NOT okay to continue to turn blind eyes, deaf ears to THAT plight and horror. More and more, we are seeing ‘rescues’ in over their heads. Proverbial ‘Dumping Grounds ‘ for ‘Saved (Bailed) horses. Over and over and over….each week new atrocities are popping up across the United States. It is never my wish for a horse to go to slaughter……but it is BEYOND my ability to tolerate horses being sent to private hells where they go without food, care, basic needs. Starved , left to die while those who proclaimed them safe….Say nothing.
THAT is what I wish to distance myself from. To lead by example a BETTER way to truly HELP horses. It is terrifying the amount of ‘fundraising’ taking place with NO follow through, no plan, no actual bettering of the lives ‘saved’. I’ve NO desire to be associated with, even from afar, the people doing that.
I have been, for years, accused of those same horrid things and I’m sad to say, many of my nay-sayers were right in some ways, as it is not sustainable to ‘mass bail’ given the nature of the PEOPLE who do terrible things hiding behind the name of ‘rescue’.
Please, if you are considering donating to ANY organization, rescue, individual……Ask them the hard questions. Demand, and never be ashamed to demand, follow through so that you feel you are truly helping. So that you KNOW you are . I say this for myself, and ANY others asking for donations for bailing horses.
Now. Will I still help slaughter bound horses? You bet your ass.
Will I still BAIL? Yes, of course, for there are so many deserving horses to be helped that are, sadly, in kill pens.
The difference here is this:
It will be the RARE and emergency case that I will ask or accept help with that, for I’ve found my newly implemented protocol is far, far more effective in better helping these horses.
With that, I make the announcement that Soul Horses LLC BUYS horses with the sole purpose of REHABILITATING, re-training, fully vetting, and then offer as safe, sound, healthy performance , pleasure ,trail, and companion horses. Yes, we will still have horses for adoption as well.
For those of you who have stood by me, and our horses, and supported for quite some time, my THANKS to you and hope you will step out on this improved way and journey with me, and you have my most heart felt thanks. For those who are new to what I do, I urge you to ask questions, follow, make appointments to come SEE these horses.
And thus, welcome to the new, and improved Soul Horses LLC. Yes, we buy horses and in doing things this better way, some may say we ‘Do not rescue’. I quite beg to differ , for one need NOT be this, or that to truly, PROPERLY help horses . And in doing so, by bettering that life, not only are we able to help more, but help BETTER.
And that, my friends…..regardless of ‘labels’….Is truly ‘Rescue’. As it should be.
Welcome aboard should you choose <3

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