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Hot off the Walker ~ Tales & More

Three Amigos

Quarantine is better with friends, it appears. On August 6th, 2020 ‘Tag 1123 and Tag 1124’ were bailed from Kaufman Kill pen and IMMEDIATELY picked…
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Surprise, Surprise

SURPRISE.Now let me show you a fine, FINE girl.This three year old filly was bailed by someone ELSE and abandoned in quarantine in 2019. Soul…
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Freedom Rings

On this July 4th, who better than to express ‘Freedom’ than horses saved from slaughter now living IN freedom?If you do indeed observe Independence Day…
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Double Date

Oh, this is just glorious!Nubs and Nugget, both saved from slaughter in February 2020 and Baby Bloomer Makeover Participants were adopted TOGETHER in Texas June…
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