A Hole in the World

‘Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.’
~Milan Kundera

In a world given the GIFT of the presence of animals there is something terribly and fundamentally wrong with the way they are all too often treated.

Abuse. Neglect. Abandonment. Cruelty. Slaughter. Extortion. .
Merely a handful of the atrocities that occur in ‘Equine Rescue’ . Sadly it is NOT just the ‘kill buyers’ who sink to such levels of sub-human behaviour but I am sad to say….
Quite often ‘rescues’ themselves. ( NOT all, but over the years I have been astounded to see the true faces of many I once thought to be ‘Angels on Earth.’ For this particular story though….
Th ‘kill pens’ are the focus.

Though there are a thousand instances of the aforementioned….
We will talk about only one today.
The most recent rescue of the ‘Louisiana 22’.
This is by FAR one of the most tragic and messiest of rescues I’ve yet encountered for numerous reasons . This one had it all. Cruelty, the threat of slaughter, neglect, yes BUT….
Also ….
Theft. Lies. Threats.
Fighting rescues and ‘name calling’.
I find it interesting ( in the saddest of ways) that many self proclaimed ‘advocates’ for animals are indeed the MOST horrendous of people at their core. In my personal opinion, anyone who has to tear down another and stand on what they seek to destroy to ‘get ahead’ is abhorrent and not a person I wish to know.
During this particular rescue , there was FAR too much of that.
Funny part? Those complaining and slinging insults and being general pests ….
Sat by and did NOTHING but make rude typos ( I really should send them dictionaries this coming Christmas) in the direction of those of us who DID do something.
But I digress.
Let’s move on to the ‘Tale of the 22

I ( and a few other rescue organizations) was approached about ‘Twenty two horses’ in the Pitkin, Louisiana kill pen and their quite sad ‘back story’.
According to my information many of these horses ( along with 30 others) were previously bailed from the same kill pen spanning over the last two years, sent to quarantine ( and later board) nearby.
This is was not one individuals doing, but a ‘group’ .
As to what transpired between, I cannot say entirely.
What I DO know is there was a court case regarding the matter in which Erby Thompson was awarded over 50 horses. ( BUT WAIT! where are the rest?!? I’m glad you asked. They were sold immediately following the court hearing to another individual ( Another Thompson family member, if I am not mistaken) and God knows where they are now.)

So back to the SAME kill pen they were once bailed from.
Honestly, it seemed so terribly messy that I was hesitant to get involved BUT……….
Seeing these horses on some sick cycle carousel for years was just too damn much.
Once I received the photos and videos of their rapidly declining condition and far less than stellar living conditions…
How on Earth could we ignore it?
Correct answer: ‘We couldn’t. And didn’t.)

Taken AT the Pitkin, Louisana Lot
February 2021

And thus, after a HUGE fundraising effort all were purchased , save one who most unfortunately died on the lot before we could get to him.
All was well, right? HOORAY! Now we can go get them!!

NOW came the fact that they were sold without Coggins Tests (which is illegal, by the way , as every horse must have this done yearly and ALWAYS for a sale. This is a disease prevention and control precaution and MANDATORY.)
Gee, we had to wait another WEEK to receive them and now finally….finally they were on the road to Texas.

Picture it….
Fresh alfalfa bales awaiting them, warm blankets, an indoor arena….
We were all so excited to get them safe.
The trailer rolls in close to 11 pm with the precious cargo in Kemp, Texas.
* Bated Breath*
The door swings open and they trudge out, heads down, nervous, exhausted.
Nineteen emerged from that trailer.
Not 21.
This was a slap to the face, naturally but our first priority was to oversee any immediate injury ( Thank you SHANA and Taylor for that and so much else!)

The bones. My God , the bones.
The rain rot, missing hair, listless eyes.
The malnourishment, neglect, filth that they had endured showed all too clearly in each and every one of these guys.

The smallest of them, a yearling colt with a club foot was down in the trailer upon arrival. Thankfully, he immediately got up ( with help) and is , thus far, doing better.
‘Star’, the eldest of the group at twenty five….was one of the most heart breaking.
She simply did not have the energy to stand, though she tried.
As I write this, I can say only that the poor old girl had veterinary care, constant watch, warmth, food, and kindness before she passed on February 16th, 2021.
May she now finally rest in the peace she deserved for far too long.

Today is February 18th, and though Texas is facing unprecedented weather conditions ( We are SO not used to this!) with ice, snow, sleet, power outages, no water and more……..
These remaining 18 are taking shelter in an indoor arena with PLENTY of hay, alfalfa, water and warmth as they begin their rehabilitation.
We will keep those updates coming.

Reflecting on this, and seeing them now all I can think is …
Yes. There is surely a hole in the world that this is becoming all too common.
That this neglect, abuse, cruelty and disregard is more normal than it should be……..
And that it is the innocent that suffers its effects the most.

It is stated quite simply here~
Cruelty to animals is one of the most significant vices of a low and ignoble people.
Wherever one notices them, they constitute a sign of ignorance and brutality which cannot be painted over even by all the evidence of wealth and luxury.
~Alexander von Humboldt

Surely, I pray, there is a better way…
And soon.


What happened to the other two horses that are missing from the 22?!
Oh, that.
You see…..
Though I paid for them, complete with bill of sale, board and hauling paid for them….
When I questioned the ‘Kill Pen’ about their whereabouts ( It was more like ‘Where the ruddy hell are my two paint horses?’), I was informed ‘They colicked and died’.
Mind you, this was 11 days AFTER purchase.
Like I said………

And that is the story for next time.

Until then…..


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