Become a Soul Horse Mom ( or Dad!)
To save a life is beautiful but we feel to better that life is crucial. We strive to provide the best possible  for every horse in our care. They naturally all have different needs depending upon age, injuries, and  health concerns but the fundamentals are always the same. Food. Shelter. Water. Hay. Dewormer. Minerals. Farrier.
Soul Horse Sponsorship is rewarding and awesome…to us, and them . Not to mention you get loads of free goodies and exclusive photos and stories of your ‘kid’ ♥

Quarantine costs for horses arriving directly from the kill pen are $10 per day for mandatory 30 days. This helps to prevent the spread of any sickness,be evaluated, seen by a veterinarian, and give time to just ‘detox’ from the stress of what they have endured.
GENERALLY 30 days is sufficient, but there are times they must remain in quarantine longer.

Total cost of  ‘Basic Care’ per month (Healthy horse with no ‘extra’ needs) ~

  • Feed ~ $110 (Basic 12/8 pelleted feed and alfalfa pellet)
  • Hay ~ One round bale  $80/Squares $10
  • Dewormer (Every 6 weeks)  ~ $3 – $12 (Rotating)


You can choose a ‘basic’ sponsorship packages to cover these needs or you can choose ANY amount you wish, for even $1 helps these guys! ♥

Who do you love?♥

Each of these kids are undergoing rehabilitation and would benefit greatly from your support. Let us know who grabs your heart!


3 Year old Gelding


This stunning eighteen year old boy , rescued March 1st arrived to quarantine March 2nd in Kemp , Texas. Now in rehabilitation for not only…


The sweetest thing….Sixteen year old gelding saved from slaughter February 2021 PERMANENT RESIDENTTyrrell Park Stables Beaumont , Texas


Get a load of this guy, eh?Eighteen year old 15 Hh Gelding who can pretty much do it all!Well mannered, even tempered , and has…


Little Blue Eyed Handsome Devil! 32″ Miniature (Stallion at this time)

Big Chrissie

Saved from slaughter in Colorado, Chrissie is currently in rehabilitation in Texas. GORGEOUS girl, sweet as can be, and undergoing chiropractic treatments to help with…


18 year old Buckskin Mare Retired and a gorgeous pasture companion ~ Sweet, sweet gorgeous girl! This gal has earned her retirement and is doing…


17 Hands of Branded Badassery ~Hubba Ex bucking gelding saved from slaughter and permanent resident of Soul Horses LLC


14 year old Gelding 14.3 Hands LORD , this boy is amazing! Currently in rehabilitation for specialty farrier care due to a slight injury we…