Questions deserve answers

What is the purpose of Soul Horses LLC?

  • I have but ONE goal ~ To help heal horses mind,body,soul.
  • We are an independent organization focused on helping as many slaughter-bound, neglected, abused or abandoned horses as possible.

Who runs Soul Horses LLC?

  • Soul Horses LLC is run by Randi Collier.

What Services do you provide?

  • Rescue Services including but not limited to ~
  • Bail (Saving horses from kill pens and auction)
  • Bail assistance (Described below)
  • Quarantine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training
  • Consultation (Both of rescue services and performance training/sales)
  • Home placement (of rescued horses)
  • Sale (with contract!) of performance horses

Are you a rescue organization?

  • I do not much care for the word ‘rescue’. However, we do ‘rescue’ horses from bad situations. I call it ‘Being good people’ and I strive for that daily.

Are fund sent to Soul Horses LLC Tax Deductible?

  • No. Soul Horses LLC is not a registered nonprofit organization.

Why are you a LLC and not a 501c3?

  • The rules and regulations as an LLC allow us to better achieve our purpose and goals of not ONLY ‘rescuing’ horses but helping more horses on a grander scale by various means. (Auction purchase, rehabilitation , sale of performance horses WITH contracts, et cetera)

What happens with a horse once you own them?

  • Our primary goal is to not only ‘save’ a horse but better their life. Healing both the body AND the mind is crucial. Therefore, they undergo mandatory quarantine of at least thirty days, vetting and assessment. When ready, they are moved into training and then available for adoption.
  • Let it be known I ALSO help horses into other trusted rescues. For instance ~ A rescue (Or INDIVIDUAL) I trust and work with may ask for bail assistance with a particular horse they wish to take in, rehabilitate and care for. We do this periodically (again, with contract.) When this happens, updates and communication are mandatory as if they were ‘our own’.
    I take great joy in sharing these horses with the public and those who support what we do.
  • In certain situations a bailed/ rescued horse is sent with contract to who (whether rescue or individual) I feel is best equipped to deal with their needs and provide the best possible care . (This is entirely different than sending to our regular quarantine facilities.)

Are you a sanctuary?

  • No. (Not yet!) However I DO provide sanctuary to several horses where needed.There are currently six sanctuary horses . ( Meaning they will not go on to performance careers and need a soft place to just ‘Be’ , living quietly and well cared for.

Do you keep every horse rescued/ bailed?

  • NO. As I am not by any stretch of the imagination independently wealthy it would be impossible for me to keep every horse. It is always my hope that they are healthy and sound enough t go on to a new career and home. Adoption (and sales) (With contract!) fees are put toward those that still NEED us and enable me to better help more horses.

Do you sell horses?

  • Our rescued horses are adopted with a fee and contract.
  • We DO, however, also offer performance horses for sale (WITH contract).

How can I help?

  • Donations and sponsoring are the best ways.
  • Sharing, commenting, and word of mouth helps tremendously as well.
  • Adopting is also an immense help!