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Freedom Rings

On this July 4th, who better than to express ‘Freedom’ than horses saved from slaughter now living IN freedom?If you do indeed observe Independence Day on July 4th, I do hope it is one filled with meaning and joy, and spent with those who bring … Continue readingFreedom Rings

Double Date

Oh, this is just glorious!Nubs and Nugget, both saved from slaughter in February 2020 and Baby Bloomer Makeover Participants were adopted TOGETHER in Texas June 2020. Arabian Horse Therapy ( Go, Rebecca!) did a beautiful job rehabilitating these two kids and went one step further … Continue readingDouble Date

Mother Bucker

‘Hubba’~Over sixteen hands of tattooed (ok, ok ‘Branded’) , feather legged, glass eyed(yes, just one), thirteen hundred pound ex bucking stock bay roan handsome……Became a ‘Soul Horse’ May 26th 2020 when bailed from Fabrizius Livestock in Colorado. At this time, he is awaiting his coggins … Continue readingMother Bucker