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Riding Rescues

Regarding ‘Riding Rescues’ ~I’m going to touch on something that isn’t terribly popular with many in the ‘rescue’ world here. ‘Omg, you guys RIDE rescued horses’?!?!The short answer is ‘yes’ BUT…..Here is a bit more about that. You see, many horses ENJOY ‘being ridden’. WAIT, … Continue readingRiding Rescues

All That Glitters

‘All that glitters is not gold’………Except when it is. Now I’m going to show you a FINE mare….‘Tresora’Thirteen years old and fourteen /three hands of STUNNING, she is. BUT WAIT………..She is kind, gentle, full of personality, safe and great minded. Treasures like her are indeed … Continue readingAll That Glitters

Night Mares

I feel it necessary to address an increasingly prominent problem in the ‘Equine Rescue’ community. …. Actually, more than a mere ‘one’.I’ll jump right in with no forward on this. MASS BAILING. An ever growing and SERIOUS issue. Let me explain, as simply as I … Continue readingNight Mares


Enlightening announcement regarding my organization Soul Horses LLC ( And its subsidiary nonprofit Soul Afire) ~I have, and will continue to move LARGELY away from ‘fundraising’ horses. BUT WAIT, let me explain precisely what I mean by this. After several years of watching , learning, … Continue readingEnlightenment


‘Grande Girl’ and her adorable filly ( Kimber ) update~Now residing with Triple Cross Farms in Texas these gals FINALLY are looking better. Lovely sight of a fall morning to see these girls and wanted to share that with all of you . β™₯


It’s been quite another whirlwind of a month, indeed. I thought it high time to ‘recap’ August , so with absolutely no further adieu…..Away we go! Butterbeer, Kode Redd and Diego arrived to quarantine in Austin August 6th and aptly dubbed the ‘Three Amigos’ this … Continue readingTHE SUNDAY POST