Project Baby Bloomer ~ Makeover 2020

We get many horses from kill/ slaughter pens but many may not know that often we get BABIES. Currently we have several babies in residence ranging in age from six months and up . I despise seeing ANY horses in a kill pen but to see young babes? It blows my mind. They have never done a thing to harm a soul and yet still found themselves in terrible circumstances . So, when possible, we get them out and give them a future.

I would like to get more people involved with this, and feel I’ve an idea some may find interesting, and it will CERTAINLY be fun.

I present ~ Project Baby Bloomers!!!
How it will work ~

~Submit an application on the website
~ Take in a baby (ranging from 6 months to two years)
~Entry fee for competition prizes
~Give them love and all you’ve got ( AKA, make them shine! Bathe, groom, round pen work. You will be responsible for care, though anything ( God Forbid) serious, of course I will help cover)
~ Take weekly photos / videos of progress to share on a group page for this project
~ Make it a *fun* contest amongst those involved to see how each baby is coming along
~ At the end of the sixty day period,we will post ALL babies before and after (With prizes! )
~ YOUR baby will be available for adoption to you
Or, they are put up for adoption to an approved and contracted home.

T shirts to ALL participants!!!

I would have LOVED this opportunity in my teens as a chance to not only have a blast bu to learn and help affect positive change. Heck, who am I kidding, I love this NOW!

Let me know if interested!!!

You may fill out an application for participation here ~

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