Baby Bloomer Makeover Application

Rules and Regulations ~

– Entry fee ~ $100 mandatory fee to participate (This helps with health certificates, T shirts, , and prizes.) Upon approval you will be sent a link to submit your entry fee.

– You will receive a Makeover ‘Slaughterbound Superstars’ T- shirt upon entry.

– You will be subject to a home visit by a Soul Horses LLC Representative

– You will joining a Group Page to provide updates via photos, video, and live video of your project horse.

– You will be responsible for feeding and basic care costs ( worming, farrier, hay etc) during the duration of this project

– You are  not to sell, lease nor adopt out this horse .

– You are not to relocate this horse for any reason without explicit consent of Soul Horses LLC ( Randi Collier)

– Failure to provide weekly updates as requested will result in disqualification.

– Failure to participate in the online weekly events will result in disqualification.

– You acknowledge that the horse in your care is owned by Soul Horses LLC ( Or participating partners thereof)and is part of a makeover project and competition

– When the competition (90 day)  ends the horse in your care will be available for adoption to YOU or placed up for adoption by Soul Horses LLC ( Or participating partners thereof) to an approved and contracted home.

– Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event/ competition for the biggest transformations for ~
1. ‘Comeback’ transformation
2. Training transformation
3. Other categories to be announced.

– Last and NOT least….You solemnly swear to have a GREAT time!


‘Baby Bloomers Makeover 2020’ ~ Slaughterhorse Superstars is a project of Soul Horses LLC