Testing, Testing…….

Well THIS is a new one. . .
Or is it?
Kaufman Kill Pen ( Kaufman, Texas) has just listed six babies ( ranging from one to two years old) which is not so unusual ….
According to the information given these babies were used as ‘test subjects’ for medications, dewormers, and genetics. Where did this occur? I do not yet know.

Their backs are branded with their ‘number’. The moment they were weaned from their mothers they became ‘test subjects’.
As if that were not enough, they NOW find themselves in a Texas kill pen awaiting slaughter.

I will find the words to further discuss this at some point. Right now , I am just a bit taken aback. . .
And focused on helping them get a better life than what they have had thus far…..
And what they now face.

ONE has been saved thus far.

To DONATE to these babies simply click ~

Or if you prefer Paypal ~
Red Horse Running Equine foundation has been kind enough to help with this rescue!
You may donate via Paypal to ‘The Kaufman Babies’ here ~


UPDATE 1 PM June 29 ~
Tag 5990 is safely purchased by Soul Hoses LLC

‘Tag 5990’ Safely paid for June 29th
NOW named McLintock

This babe is now also safe!!!

UPDATE July 1st 2020 5 pm ~
SIX babies were picked up together today to go to quarantine !!!
Huge YAY for this!!!
Here they are leaving Kaufman Kill Pen in the rear view ~

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