Winter is Coming

‘Winter the Wonder Pony ‘ ~
He saved HERSELF from slaughter.

(Okay, I helped.)

So what happened was……
Last week (June 25th) I bailed ‘Monkey and Millie’, a gorgeous mare and foal pair from the Fabrizius Kill Pen in Colorado.
They were to be picked up Monday June 29th (and were!) BUT……..
Alas. . . . a pony on the same kill pen lot , (‘Winter’ they called her) evidently REFUSED to be separated from these two.
The owner of Fabrizius pen said she moved her three times to a different pen and each time she did….. ‘Millie’ the mare called to her incessantly and SHE crawled through the bunkers back in with them.
How on Earth could I say no to such a brilliant and determined pony?
(Not to mention how adorable she is!!)

Needless to say….all three were picked up and not only saved from slaughter but got their freedom ride to quarantine and a better life yesterday.

I have to hand it to her…..that is one smart cookie.
The girl got precisely what she wanted….
And life.

Welcome, Millie , Monkey…..
And yes, you too , Winter.

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