Living the Dream

What Soul Horse is to me….
The short version. 
Like anything, this began as a dream, a vision, if you will.
Simply put….I wanted to help. 
When I say ‘help’ I do not mean a little , here and there. I wanted to make a difference in lives….both horse and human . ( Must love dogs , too πŸ˜‰ ….and cats….and goats….you get the point. ) 
With so many unwanted horses across this country , so much pain, suffering, injustice ……
I wanted to make it just a little better for as many as possible. Sure I have made my mistakes along the way….and have learned from them. I have me the most amazing people along this journey…. and those not so pleasant, I thank for making me work harder. Be better . Think bigger. 
What I did not envision when this began was how many people and horses we would indeed reach/ Help. Change . 
It is beautiful to see….for even the horses that do not make it have meaning and importance. Their lives DID matter to someone. 
The ones who do make it , and thrive. 
The babies, the old, the broken , the thrown away…… 
They all mean something to me. 
Thus, I plow forward, always with hope in my heart that there is a better way, and that we will find it. 
For now? We are the better way. 
YOU are the better way. 
It is within you to make that difference. By loving one. Sharing one. Giving one a name that they lost , or a new one. By donating . Your prayers. . . your kind words. This ALL matters in this. 
The most important thing I have learned….. 
Be your dreams. See it. 
Believe it. If you fall short in your belief, then work your ass off and make it happen…..You will see the change and believe again. 
If your dreams are of a better world, of making a difference, of bettering a life…..
Then yes, this world needs you. These horses need you. 
My dream was, and is, helping horses….and the people who love them. 
You are indeed their voice.

Let the naysayers talk. Let the hate and horror come in. Learn from it. Grow from it . And fling it back with all the love and light you have within you………..
For trust me on this, 
It is infinite. 
This….. is ‘Soul’ Horse. 
What is your dream?

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