Quarantine and Rehabilitation

Step One~

Each horse coming in must first go through a quarantine period where they undergo vetting, refeeding, and what I call detoxification.  Every one of these horses is unique though they share one common  thing…..
They’ve been through hell.
The experience of being in a place, be it an auction barn or kill pen, where they are unwanted, mistreated, handled roughly, and left unfed leaves a mark….Physically and psychologically.  With patience, time, proper care and love… anything is possible. Their journey begins upon being picked up out of whatever terrible circumstance they are in and brought to a place of healing.
Mind. Body. Soul.
Each is equally important to us.
The body you can see clearly when it begins to heal. Weight gained. Wounds close. Sickness overcome.
The mind you see more gradually, and often takes far longer.
The soul…..
You will know when this begins to mend.
Time. Patience. Love.
It begins with you.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0c3I-w38l0&w=729&h=410]