Operation BABYGATE

Every panel means these guys have more room to play!

As some of you know., I recently bailed these TWELVE mini horses from a Louisiana kill pen (Thompson’s) I got to thinking…..why pay someone else to quarantine these tots when I have land just sitting unused? Oh, right….I’ve no fences at the moment but let’s not go there. SO!! I could easily secure my arena in the meantime by purchasing enough panels to make a sturdy place for these guys to come roam about in. . . . .

Not to mention the panels will be well used to form a round pen once the actual fencing is in place. (One thing at a time, I know!) 20 panels at (roughly) $75 per panel ~$1500
I feel this would be FAR more cost effective and most definitely more interesting . So….why not put the idea out there?

Thus~ Operation BABYGATE!!!!!

One panel! One home for all them to be together!

Meet the Minis!

  • Gilmour
  • Money
  • ( See what I did there ?)
  • McCartney
  • Lennon
  • Ringo
  • Crazy Diamond
  • Harrison
  • Willie
  • Waylon
  • Merle
  • Cash
  • ShineOn

Let’s give bringing these kids to Beaumont a hearty ‘Hell yes!’