Wait, what? War? But we are not at war!

Aren’t we, though?
For our causes, our children, our animals, our rights….
Amongst each other for various reasons ….
And most of all, with ourselves.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”
― Plato

Sadly, this is so very true, and war comes in all shapes and sizes.

Why on Earth are you speaking of ‘war’ on a horse site?

I’ll tell you.

During these increasingly troubled times in the United States ( Pandemic, rise in violence, economic decline, and more) of course it is severely affecting ‘we the people’.
So many are out of work, struggling to put food on the table, keep their homes………..
Which brings me to ‘We the People’s ‘ PETS.
If one is barely able to provide for themselves and their family…
Does it not stand to reason that being able to properly feed and care for their animals is becoming a growing problem by the DAY?

For horses in particular this does not mean good things.
For land owners, independently wealthy individuals , and those who do not have to board their horses it is less of a problem BUT….even they are victims of Covid-19 and therefore not ‘immune’ ( see what I did there?) to this issue.
For those who board horses, financial restraints are quit literally a rising problem.

We are seeing MORE horses than ever in ‘Kill Pens’ and auctions due to this economic crisis.
Not ONLY more horses, but we are seeing far more ‘high quality’ horses in such situations.

Lesson horses, performance horses, well-bred registered horses……
This epidemic shows zero discrimination.
Alongside the ‘old and crippled’ stands the just raced Thoroughbred. The money -earning barrel horse.
The retired children’s camp horse.
Though the ‘lack of give a damn ‘ and otherwise general sad reasons for horses to find themselves rid of….
We cannot overlook that people simply being unable to afford their horses ( Or sadder still , death and illness preventing ability TO care for them) is a growing problem.

I see many comments to the tune of ‘Only an EVIL person could send a horse to such a place!’
While that is more true than I’d like and most certainly a widespread worry…..
It must be heeded that a very ill or ( God forbid) dead person most assuredly can not control what happens to their horses in the even of their untimely demise. ( Hence why I do encourage horse owners to PLAN now for such a time.)
Therefore…..perhaps we should all show a bit of compassion at this time for that which we do not have proof of ‘wrong doing’.

YES, ‘evil’ is running amok daily ( increasingly so, it seems) and hugely responsible for so many atrocities….
I must heed that it is not ALWAYS the ‘reason’.
Too often….it is.
But not always, mon amis.

I do not yet know the answer here, or the best way to approach this particular debacle.
But rest assured…………
I’m working on it.

For now, I will say what I so often do….>
We will do all we can today with what we have.

I do feel a bit of imagination and ‘team work’ would go so very far to help more horses…
And for that matter…

After all……………

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
― Lewis Carroll

Up Next ~
and other unsavory behaviours in the ‘Equine Rescue Community’

Believe me, you’ll want to read that one.

Until then…….
Stay safe.
Stay smart.
And give ’em hell.

~ Randi

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