Night Mares

I feel it necessary to address an increasingly prominent problem in the ‘Equine Rescue’ community. …. Actually, more than a mere ‘one’.
I’ll jump right in with no forward on this.

MASS BAILING. An ever growing and SERIOUS issue.
Let me explain, as simply as I can. DAILY, I see ‘fundraising groups’ and individuals raising funds to bail anywhere between ten to forty horses at one time. While I applaud the desire to ‘save them’……
If there is NO follow up, NO individualized care, no vetting, rehabilitation, and help with care costs , NO sustainable model to improve the lives saved…………….
I’m sorry, but that is not saving. I , more than ANYONE know what it is to want to ‘save them all’. I also, through years of experience, mistakes, and hard lessons ( all with good intent and misplaced trust) have learned what does NOT work. More and more we are seeing ‘Rescues needing rescue’. Horses thought to be ‘safe’ found starving, neglected, and in deplorable conditions. Often, I have taken in horses silently to rehabilitate ( among our three locations) and said nothing, only helped the horses that came in from other ‘rescues’. I feel that now is the time to speak up not only for those horses ,but to HOPEFULLY bring awareness to this and encourage ANYONE donating, supporting, helping to ask questions. NEVER be made to feel you are imposing by doing so. If your questions are not answered to YOUR satisfaction….I’ve also come to learn there is usually a reason for that.

I do not personally feel that an organization has to be a 501c3 to be a GOOD , caring, legitimate organization doing good works. In fact, the rising number of seizure cases across the United States have indeed been ‘501c3’ ‘rescues’. Anyone can ‘save’ a horse but it is what comes AFTER that matters more.

The most recent tragedy ~ Regarding ‘Safe Haven Rescue’ in Wyoming and SO many other unfortunate ‘rescues’ being ‘dumped on’ Seeing as my very simple questions( as well as many OTHER donors) to the fundraised horses from Fabrizius Kill Pens sent to ‘Safe Haven Rescue ‘ in Wyoming were met with blocking, refusal to answer, and given das boot from several ‘Chat’ groups, well …
Quite frankly? I’m pissed.

My CONCERN is that MORE horses continue to be fundraised by the very same people who have long since forgotten these poor souls and their plight.

Now. What the hell, ladies? Do you REALLY consider this ‘Safe’? To be ‘saved’ from slaughter only to be sent to a private hell of suffering? To be forgotten, abandoned, ignored while MORE are about to endure the same end?

Here is what happens … Over, and over, and over:
1. Fundraising groups ‘bail’ them, with well meaning donors UNKNOWINGLY contributing to this.
2. Horses are sent to rescues who are NOT vetted, checked, visited in person.
3. Said rescues THINK they will have help with funding, care costs, etc, and then are left holding the bag.
4. Repeat.

I learned the HARD way that this is NOT sustainable. This is NOT SAVING.”

Donors….I URGE you to ask questions. Follow the horses. This should NOT continue.

This may be taken as me ‘being mean’ but the reality is this is HELL for the horses and donors who think they are ‘helping’.

I will tell you, quite simply, ANYONE raising funds for forty plus horses in ONE week REPEATEDLY who will not disclose WHERE they are going….
Alarm bells.

Photos below of ‘saved’ horses bailed from Fabrizius pens by fundraiser ‘groups’ and dumped in a rescue ill equipped to deal with so many and had ZERO help.

Please, ask questions. PLEASE to do not enable this further.
I sincerely hope to see this slow down, for as much as I hate to say this.. LOATHE to say it…. Slaughter is horrid, a devastating end to sentient being who deserves better ,but being neglected, starved, and slowly fading painfully away? Forgive me, but to my mind that is even worse. I cannot sit idly by and watch this without voicing my disgust.

‘All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to stand by and do nothing.’
Or in my case…. ‘Woman’.

I put great stock in the adage ‘Mistakes repeated more than once are a CHOICE.’

‘Its about the horses!’ is no longer a proper response when THIS is what is happening.

Below are attached photos of horses ‘bailed’ over the last several months and sent to a ‘rescue’ with no help. Yes, the rescue themselves are responsible….. But I feel it also the responsibility of those who sent them there to speak up, to do better, to NOT continue the same route and land more horses in this nightmare.

In closing…. Please, ask questions. Watch. Speak with the people you are supporting.

And above all, be sure, in your SOUL, that you are helping to actually better lives.
You will know . β™₯

***NOT my photos nor my horses **** Photos circa September 2020 , Safe Haven, Wyoming

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  1. Thank you for speaking the truth. You have summed up the situation quite well. It is heartbreaking to think of these horses being slowly starved. To do it in the name of rescue is despicable. I see that the bailing continues like the Safe Haven horror show hasn’t happened. A horror show that was completely avoidable. Stevie Wonder could see rescues are being overloaded. It is a shared responsibility between the rescue and the ones giving them too many horses. We must not forget that these animals have a market value, even if it’s just meat price. Where there is money involved, people don’t usually act right. Not everyone needs a horse and a horse should not be given to anyone just because they are “nice” and say “yes.” That is a condemnation, not a rescue.

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