Three Amigos

Quarantine is better with friends, it appears.
On August 6th, 2020 ‘Tag 1123 and Tag 1124’ were bailed from Kaufman Kill pen and IMMEDIATELY picked up ( thank heavens) . BUT WAIT!
Diego( who will have his own story told shortly) also picked up from the temporary ‘quarantine’ he was in and VOILA! Three kids made their way to my dear life-long friend Ginger for quarantine and rehabilitation.

‘Tag’ 1124, now named ‘Butterbeer’ is as pretty as they come and a DOLL!!!
‘Tag 1123’ now ‘Redd’ is character and THEN some, well mannered, and an absolute little dream boat.
Diego…well. He’s had a rough go thus far ( story coming soon!) but is improving RAPIDLY in good care.

This makes me terribly happy, and I wanted to share with all of you.

Meet the Three Amigos of Austin!

Diego, Butterbeer and Redd

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