Double Date

Oh, this is just glorious!
Nubs and Nugget, both saved from slaughter in February 2020 and Baby Bloomer Makeover Participants were adopted TOGETHER in Texas June 2020.
Arabian Horse Therapy ( Go, Rebecca!) did a beautiful job rehabilitating these two kids and went one step further to find them the most wonderful home….
And together.

Now…ol Nubs has quite an interesting history. Bailed from Lonestar Kill Pen February 2020 a matted, scrawny, scared mess….
He was said by ‘a donor’ to not even ‘really exist’ or ‘Never really rescued at all’. That *individual* proceeded to slander me on every social media platform possible with this nonsense which was not only HIGHLY false but just rude.
My rebuttal isn’t needed, Nubs himself thumbs his nose at such egregious and unfounded allegations.

He is QUITE rescued, rehabbed, and now LOVINGLY adopted with his best mate, Nugget.

Nugget was saved from Elkhart Horse Auctions the same month , also a terrified little mess.
I could not be more proud of these two and the work of Arabian Horse Therapy .
Seeing these two kids adopted together….well.
That just makes my day.


Nubs, Before and After!

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