That’s Amore! ~ RYLEE is Adopted!

This ADORABLE little orphaned girl, rescued May 16th 2020 in Texas has come so far and won the hearts of so many!
My dear lifelong friend Ginger ( and Kimberly!)rode( literally) to her rescue in Austin Texas . Thin, recently orphaned ( her mother died of colic) and let’s face it, ‘scraggly’, she was immediately a heart breaker.
Ginger, her girls, Kim, her husband and others gave her a soft and happy place to land while being rehabilitated and alas………
Fell absolutely in LOVE! Amor, indeed.

HAPPILY and lovingly adopted June 2020 by her new family , Rylee has a long, beautiful life ahead of her…..
And all the love in the world.

Thank you to YOU who made that happen.

Nap time !

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