Let’s get serious.

Though what we do is a beautiful thing… Rescue is not always pretty.
I feel that needs to be shown, and KNOWN.
Bail is only the first step, and though I do not like posting Aftercare fundraisers I’m doing so now , for we have three horses needing immediate Veterinary attention, four horses needing immediate Chiropractic assistance, and several need specialty farrier care.
This is all IN ADDITION to routine care ( feed, hay, dewormer, supplements, routine farrier, and more)

They are safe, but it is pointless to save them if we cannot continue their well-being and better their lives. So I am pleased to announce that a $5,000 PLEDGE MATCH has been off toward aftercare funding for all of our rescue kids.

So lets get them THE BEST, shall we?

Bourre needs to have surgery on her stifle immediately.(Infection and foreign body)
Sierra, Prune, Bubba and Chili need immediate Chiropractic.
Dolly, Quinn, and Jessie need to be treated for respiratory problems as well.
!7 of our horses are in need of extreme farrier care ( How DO people let feet get this damn bad?!?)

I feel many do not realize the sheer COST of this, or do not understand. Usually we do pretty well with adoption fees and self support but at this time we have some kids needing some extra help.
And that is, after all , what we DO.

To help make their lives BETTER ~
Up to 5,000 will be matched for aftercare funding by a generous and amazing individual.

Click here to chip in!



I will update as this comes in until we reach our goal…
I KNOW we can do this β™₯

We thank you greatly for helping us help our friends!

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  1. Freind sent me a post re: the fillies that are killpen bound. Where’s the link to help them out?

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