The face that we are all falling in love with…..
And what a story she has in her short eleven days on this earth. ( At the time I write this, that is. )
Updated May 16th 2020 ~ I am so sorry to announce that ‘Luna Legs’ passed away at the veterinary clinic where she was so loved by her caretakers and ALL staff.
It was just TOO much of a fight for her tiny little body. Still….I was so inspired by her sheer WILL to try.
Of course I, and so many others, hoped for such a better outcome but as we all know…
Sometimes God just has other plans and reasons we cannot fathom.

Rest in power, Luna. ( Thank you to Jacob for that phrase β™₯)

On May 5th,2020 I purchased (bailed) her hugely pregnant mother from a Texas Kill Pen. We knew not one thing about her at the time.
On the morning of May 6th, I received a phone call telling me she had foaled, and a video shortly after of a VERY leggy baby toddling around…..and her mother completely uninterested.
No one had seen her nurse, and that was an ‘Oh , damnit’ moment.
Transport was sent immediately for her and she was to be taken to Arabian Rescue Therapy in Denton, Texas. She overnighted with the hauler and upon arriving to ART…..she was weak, dehydrated, and still not able to nurse.
Rebecca, being the logical horsewoman and badass that she is naturally called the vet out to begin IV fluids and care.
All seemed to be improving……..
Until she fell ill to ‘Joint Ill’. She had not received her mother’s milk and the necessary colostrum, and keep in mind…..she was born IN a kill pen.
So, off to Weems & Stephens Veterinary Hospital they went.
All joints were shaved, drained, IVs started once again. Large improvements….
She then developed pneumonia and loose stool(Currently being treated) .
Now…some would say to euthanize. Normally, I would agree.
But after seeing this girl…speaking with her caregivers, her veterinarian team…
She is such a FIGHTER!!!
I will NEVER allow a horse to suffer unnecessarily, nor would the people I choose to work with.

I want this one to live. I want her to run in a pasture , free of sickness and any pain.
Apparently, so do many others .

So, Little Luna ( Born the night of the Super Moon!) we will fight as long as you do, and I am amazed by your sheer WILL to live, your trust in your humans, your fight, your kindness.

More to come on this…but for now…
I believe in this little horse, and her people.

Luna enjoying a short sun drenched frolic at Weems & Stephens Hospital
Ken (With ART Rescue) having a chat with Luna ~May 12th 2020
Luna and her human still fighting!
One of the fine staff with Weems & Stephens Veterinary Hospital with wee Luna

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