T Boone ( Yes, Pickens)

Well helllooooo (not so) tall, dark and handsome!
I watched this colt go round and round and round….for DAYS wondering why on Earth no one had yet purchased him. Fair price, really ( though YECH, giving kill pens money is not high on my list of ‘fun things to do’….Contrary to popular belief,) and such a handsome lad. Ahhhh yes…
Then I remembered.
Most people do not WANT an ‘unhandled’ , un-trained stud colt to deal with.
I think they are a beautifully blank slate and hold worlds of potential.
SO ‘now what’?

He will be bailed, transported to quarantine and undergo training and rehab and I’ll get him the home he deserves.

Two years old and now has the whole world ahead of him ….
Instead of being ‘Tag 5712 from Kaufman Kill Pen.’

Thanks to (well yes, partially me but) ALL who share, comment, and donate to these horses.

Thank you for that.
From ‘Boone’….
And me.