Inmate ~ Harvey Hero ~

I have a terrible situation

A horse who has done SO much for so many needs a whole lot of help.
Back story ~ ‘Inmate’ was a ‘Harvey Hero’ horse, helping MANY people and horses during the terrible flooding in this area and one hell of a horse.
Three days ago I received a plea for help for her as she had been left with a rotting eye. The (former) owner was made aware of this in October , 2019 and did nothing to help her.

This mare deserved better, beyond just being deserving of proper care as all animals are. She EARNED better. Retired Huntsville Prison horse, flood water navigator, horse extraordinaire she is a damn hero in my eyes, and many others.

Now, she has been picked up and taken to the very capable Dr. M with Sour Lake Veterinary Clinic and is awaiting eye removal surgery, for her eye is cancer ridden and terribly infected.

I have made a four hundred dollar deposit toward this, and have no idea as of yet what it will cost.
The girl needs help and I am asking for it.
To help this girl out….
Paypal ~


Information for Vet Clinic ~
Address: 1160 TX-326, Sour Lake, TX 77659
Phone: (409) 287-2288
To donate directly. DO NOT CALL TO HARASS MY VETERINARIAN. If you wish to speak to them you MUST contact me to be authorized to call for information.

Below are photos of Inmate today, and of her during Harvey, and more.
This truly puts a rip in my heart to know she was left , knowingly, hurting.
No more.
Forgive me for this but………..
I don’t see any smilin’ cowboys now, thanking her.