Now What?

They are ‘bailed’.
They are safe.
‘But now what’?
Allow me !
Here is a step by step of precisely ‘what’ happens after horses are bailed/ purchased by Soul Horses LLC ~

I. Bail/ Purchase
The beginning ! CERTAINLY not the ‘end’, just paying the ‘purchase’ price ( often called ‘bail’.
Whether bailed from a ‘kill’ ( Slaughter ) pen , purchased from an auction barn or individual, each horse undergoes the same protocol.

II. Transport ~
We acquire horses ALL over America, though we do try to stay closer to home (Texas /Louisiana/Oklahoma). No matter where the horses are, transport is obviously needed . The best way to calculate cost of transport is to figure $1 per mile of freedom ride. ( For instance, to bring a horse (Or horses) 422 miles to quarantine is roughly $420 dollars). We DO often get less expensive quotes on rare fortuitous occasions.)

III . Quarantine ~
This is MANDATORY. Each horse must undergo the quarantine process. Ours are taken to the following facilities ~

Joe Pequeno ~ Carencro , Louisiana
Joe is also a training facility, and a damn good one! Lafayette Equine Acquirement and Development ~ Link here:

Savannah Rogers ~ Hillsboro, Texas

(These are our most frequently used and who I feel provide the best care most cost effectively.) This is where each horse is evaluated, assessed, and vetted.
30 days of quarantine is anywhere from $10 – $15 per day PER horse.
So you may figure an additional $300( or more!) PER horse bailed/purchased.

Yay, they’re well! No more sick and ears perked…Now we move them to training to re-start them, see what they know, and what they show an affinity for . Barrels? Trails? Hunter Jumper? Western Pleasure? I like to let them tell us , and that is what happens in the training phase . This also makes them ‘better citizens’ , more well adjusted, and hopefully more desirable for adoption.

Alas we arrive to what I hope for each of these horses, their OWN person.
This not only helps them but helps me to help the next in need.

And thus….we begin again β™₯

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