2019 has been both terribly trying….and yet amazing.
I have learned so much, grown as both a person and ‘a business'( if you can call what we do ‘business….), met some amazing like minded people….and some that taught me the ‘Hard Lessons’.
I am thankful for all of it.
I am HUGELY thankful for all the lives saved this year, and want to share that here as 2019 comes to a close.

This year we saved a total of 125 horses from slaughter pens across the Unite States.
91 have been adopted in to wonderful homes, 5 were sadly beyond our help and euthanized ( humanely and with dignity) , and the remaining 29 are currently in foster homes and in residence, custody and care of Soul Horse representatives in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado.

I am AMAZED at what we were able to accomplish this year and am so very looking forward to what 2020 brings!

Thank you to ALL who support what we do and continue to make this possible.

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  1. One hundred and twenty five and still counting. That’s more than 10 lives saved per month – saved beautifully and with love. That’s not counting all the foals that are going to be born from all the pregnant mares you saved. Simply amazing, awe inspiring and very very humbling. Thank you for all that you do, have done and will continue to do. I know this has been an incredible year for all of us, in different ways – learning, growing, recovering, evolving, fighting, struggling, loving and caring. You have my deepest respect and regards for the hard work, love and effort that goes into this amazing ‘business’ of a business. May God continue to bless you in abundance.

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