A new Beginning ~ part I

Effective November 11th, 2019 Soul Horse Texas (state nonprofit organization) is dissolved.
*Gasp* There, the ‘important announcement’ is out of the way!

What does this mean?
I’ll tell you.

A new name , and a new way.
A better approach.
A more concentrated effort to not only bring awareness to slaughter bound equines but to also bring PEOPLE together.
Rescues helping rescues.
People helping horses.
Horses helping PEOPLE unite in this fight.

All posts prior to November 11th were Soul Horse Texas.
Due to several factors and the lack of a ‘BOD’ at this time ( That is a story unto itself!) , Soul Horse Texas has been legally terminated by my OWN decision to do so.

From this day forward, I am Soul Horses LLC .

I saw no reason at all to delete my previous posts, nor endeavors, so long as everyone is aware this is now a different organization, with the same goal as before.
Helping Horses.

I am thrilled for this change, personally.
Though no longer a state nonprofit but instead, an LLC, it is STILL the goal, the dream, the vision to affect positive change, bring more people together, and help these unfortunate horses.
I will still ‘bail’.
Purchase from auction.

With a tight knit network of trusted people , we will rehabilitate, retrain, and re-home horses in to PROPER , vetted homes with contracts ( VERY detailed contracts!)
Though my approach is different, it is what I believe will be far more effective for the vision I see.

I will b e putting forth MANY details about this over the next several weeks (including a detailed list of rescue organizations I work closely with) so stay tuned!

To sum it up quite simply…………….
Saving horses IS my business.

Quite literally.

Welcome to Soul Horses LLC !

~Randi L. Collier

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

Please note ~ Websites and social media of ‘Soul Equus’ is a DBA o Soul Horses LLC ♥

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