For years I have heard ‘ You can not save them all’. ‘Don’t give money to a kill buyer’. So on and so forth.
You know what I have to say to that now?
I most certainly damn well can TRY to ‘save them all’ .
Though I do not ‘like’ giving money to a kill buyer I put that aside to see the BIGGER picture.
With that said I present to you ~
Baker’s dozen.
What if I told you that by saving thirteen, we stave off the ability for ONE kill pen to ship forty horses for another week? (There would not be enough horses on his ‘lot’ to fill the quota for a load to Mexico)
What would it take to do this? $12,000 and determination.
Three rescues to take IN horses ( two each )
(We already have two lined up with room.)
Now, the question is ‘then what’?
Two things.
A. All horses saved will be re-homed to PERMANENT, contracted homes, or
B.)will remain with the rescue they go to FROM the pen, depending.
I may well be called crazy for this, and that is more than fine.
What it actually would be…is smart. Will he buy more horses if we do this? Yes . But its time to be SMARTER, STRONGER, and MORE prepared than HE is.
This would STOP,( and at the VERY least postpone) over 40 horses facing the horrific death of slaughter , for at least one more week, possibly longer if we get more people to participate. It is ONLY one pen, but its a start.
Now….is that something you would donate to to see happen? I would.

You may be saving your OWN next best friend..or someone else’s.
The next hunter circuit champion. A little girl’s dream, or young boy’s.
A child’s next playday pony.
And for certain…. saving a life from the hideous death of slaughter.

We can not stop it YET, but we can be smart, and slow it down while the ‘better way ‘ is found.
There MUST be a plan and quite frankly, I think this would be a damn good, solid, SMART start.

So I pose the question ~
KNOWING this would save many lives, possibly more than we can fathom at the moment…..
Would you be on board ?
Would you donate?
Would you participate in being a place for one ( or some) of these horses to GO upon being bailed?
Would you network or homes for them and other people to join?

Let me know, for I am sincerely curious.

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