Razzle me, Dazzle Me

Well what happened was……………
A good friend asked me to ‘Just go look at a horse on the Fabrizius lot’.
Of course I did.
In doing so, I saw far too many that deserved a chance.
Young. Old. Thin. Fat. Trained. Un-handled.
The thing is….slaughter does not discriminate . NO horse is immune, nor ‘too pretty’ to go to slaughter. It is a cold, heartless industry concerned with only one thing :
Filling the ‘truck’ with the proper weight load to make that next dollar.
Weight does not care about color, age, breeding.
Neither does greed.
So..no, slaughter does not discriminate.
But neither do I.
How could I see all these lovely horses that would be shipped to a horrendous fate in a matter of hours and NOT try to to help even one?
And why the hell not ALL?
So I posted them.
Was worth a shot, yes?
I’ll be danged if we did not pull it off, and get ALL posted horses safely bailed.
We had a place, we had a plan, and we had the desire to do so.
It worked.

So it is that Razzle, Dazzle, Hailey, Rider, Jaguar, Balto, Chap, Dallas, Romeo, AND Pepper were spared the fat of slaughter.
Razzle, as it turned out, came in with two other bay roan girls . Thankfully we saw all three! (Dazzle, Razzle, Hailey )
I posted eight…..but ten were saved.
I call this a monumental win for all horses involved and am humbled, grateful, and delighted they will get a chance.

All are currently in quarantine in Colorado and will be posted for adoption soon, so check back with us!!!

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