‘Pep Rally’

‘Pep Rally’

The lot called her ‘Maggie’, and shes is comformationally astounding, deeply red with
a cascading flaxen mane , forelock , and tail.
Short. Wide. Young.
Tied to a fence by people who won’t blink if she loads on a slaughter truck to Mexico.
And still perks her ears and gazes inquisitively at the camera those very people were holding.
She hardly ‘laughs in the face of death’ but she stared it down with steady sight.
But her death will not be today, and it will never be slaughter.
Maybe she knew this…..or hoped for it.

I posted her on social media in hopes that ‘someone’ would see her …and want to save her life.
I do this often, for horses that catch my eye. . .
But, mon dieu, she looks so very much like the first Mustang I ever loved …. ‘E-5’

What I did not expect was how so many would literally RALLY around her to help her.
Comments, questions, shares, likes, ‘retweets’…and yes, donations to help ME help her.
It humbles me , every time this happens. Perhaps I should say that as often as I think it.
Horses have this innate way of ‘reaching’ people…of bringing even the oddest of us together.
This instance was no different.

Some will say I am ‘using ‘ this horse ….On the contrary.
But I will share how I see her, with any who choose to look.
If her face sparks the tiniest glimmer of hope in another……
I say…
How absolutely marvelous.

What this horse represents to me is this~(As they all do)
Aside from being what is SUPPOSED to be a nationally protected (BLM) mustang( I will go into that rant another time) .
She represents hope…
Which is what we LIVE on, all of us.
Air and water will sustain us….
Hope will allow is to LIVE. Just as she did , today.
She is literally a copper-colored shining beacon of the good that can still be done , despite the terrible circumstances.

None of us can do it all but if we ALL do something……..
Just imagine the positive changes in so many lives, both animal and human….
That would bring about.

It takes a little…from a lot.
And Miz ‘Rally’ will be leaving a LOT behind her when she steps on to a trailer not bound for hell, but instead, a new life, a new future…
Full of hope.

Keep hope.
If you lose it at times….
Remember this horse.
And know….There are others hoping, too.
‘Ask…and ye shall receive’.

She did.

My sincerest,uneguivocal gratitude ~

Randi L. Collier

Though she was ‘bailed’ by Soul Horse Texas…
If you are reading this, she also in a way, belongs to you.
Smile, and know this.
And remember…
Hope springs eternal.

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