Don’t Should on me

‘You shouldn’t ‘save’ that one because…..
‘Probably lame.’
‘Just going to die on you.’
‘Too old’.
‘Too thin.’
‘Too chancy.’
‘You can’t save them all.’
‘That one probably wouldn’t ship to slaughter anyway.’
‘Must be something wrong with that one.
‘Someone else will do it. ‘

I hear this often . ‘You should not save that horse because ( insert reason here. )
While a small part of me see understand the pessimism and SOMETIMES truth of the ‘reasons why not’, I have seen far more good outcomes than bad to not ‘take the chance’.
There is much I could say on this subject, but honestly. I’ll let the horses do the ‘talking ‘ on this one.
Below are just a FEW of the horses I was told I ‘shouldn’t save’…….
I, and they, beg to differ.
I have no disillusions that I can ‘save them all’……
But to the one horse, every time they get a second chance,….
To them , it is ‘all. ‘
So do tell me, which one of these horses I should not have saved?
I couldn’t choose .
If you can, perhaps I do no want to know you at all.

With this said…..
Indeed, do not ‘should’ on me.

5 Replies to “Don’t Should on me”

  1. Thank you for doing what you do for for these beautiful horses. I wish I had the resources to contribute to your cause. You and all those involved in Soul Horse Texas are are a special group of individuals who hit the ground running and don’t stop until that horse is safe.. Please don’t quit !!!!!

  2. You are amazing I love what you are doing its lifesaving work my heart is filled up with the love you have for these majestic beasts thank you is not even close to being enough. Know you are appreciated and valued for all you do!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I am trying to both raise awareness for slaughter bound horses and help those I can.
      Your comment is so very appreciated!

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