Seek the ‘Folk’Us

A few good ‘Folks’ with focus~ A common goal ~
A playful title…a serious announcement.
The past several months have been most enlightening and yes, just a tad difficult, but is it not through difficulty that we learn? That we realize what it is we want and what we wish to become?
Jumping right in then!
Soul Horse Texas , now in existence for two years started solely with my desire to help horses, and help PEOPLE to help horses. During those two years there have been amazing things accomplished but also much trial and tribulation. ( That is putting it mildly, but we’ll leave it at that!)
Through those ‘trials and tribulations’ I have learned what not to do…and precisely what I wish TO do going forward.
Currently, Soul Horse Texas is a state non–profit ( NOT a federal 501(C)3 , and I (Randi Collier) am the sole operator. ( Founder, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer….but no pressure , right?) Until the time presents that there are trustworthy(the most important aspect in anything, yes?), like minded, dedicated people to join the board, this is how it must be. I hope that in the near future, that will change but for now Soul Horse is SOLE operated.
That being said, some new and necessary policies are being put in place to better this organization, inspire confidence, and I HOPE , boost morale.

First order?
Transparency. I have realized the importance of this, and have reconstructed to reflect just that. I will be putting forth several posts detailing my ‘vision’ and precisely what we are doing with every horse , from ‘start to finish’.
And , for I feel it is very important to convey, WHY we will be doing it this way
The website is currently undergoing a complete overhaul for this very reason. A new look, a new direction, and more easily accessible.
A newsletter will be sent out monthly to any who wish to receive it via email ( Excited about that one!)
Detailed overviews of monthly expenses , horses, and ‘upcoming events’ will be added as well.

Furthermore, we are not going to ‘stop bailing or helping ‘ horses. However, from this day forward, we will need to do that differently. For instance, it will be imperative that we raise ABOVE the cost of just ‘bail’ to absolutely ensure expenses are met for each horse.
I will not ever turn them away , and this enables me to help more.
Each horse ‘bailed’ will undergo mandatory quarantine, be vetted, assessed, and placed up for adoption ( with contract) as soon as they are ready.
Necessary steps to make them ‘Proper citizens’ ( Gelding, for example, and training) will be taken, and shown. This, I feel, makes them not only more desirable to a ‘new home’ but far better ensures they not end up back in a bad situation.
We will NOT be keeping every horse, but we will full rehabilitate them,and place them in the RIGHT homes. This will help us to help MORE.
No, I can not ‘save them all’. But I can sure give it hell, if done right.
That is what we are going to do.
By them.
And by YOU, as donors, supporters and the like .

Now for ‘What I see for the future’.
I have dreamed of this for ….years. Now , I can make it reality , using ALL that I have learned.
I want to build a community of people helping horses.
And each other .
A community of support.
A network of GOOD people, doing good things. Education and new ways to reach more people about what we do, and awareness for slaughter bound horses.
We all need a bit of help sometimes….and that is what we will give each other.
I currently have people ( and horses) in four states. Every caretaker / quarantine provider has been chosen to do what they do best, what they love to do.
Not everyone is ‘hands on ‘ with every horse.
Not everyone is good at fundraising, clerical, the ‘business’ end.
Not everyone wants to transport, or train, or do social media.
No one can do it all, but we can ALL do something….and make this a wide reaching , well oiled ‘machine’ , so to speak.
We all play to our strengths, and that is what I wish to strengthen.
We all have one common passion….one common goal.
Creating a better world for every horse we can.

Together….. just imagine….how many that could be.

I sincerely hope you join us, whether you are a rescue yourself, or just wish to be part of what we do! Strength in numbers…and it takes ALL kinds, and all of us.

More to come….but for now… remember….

β€œA positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

― Herm Albright

Many Blessings and until ‘then’,
Randi L. Collier

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  1. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog site is
    in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

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