The Thompson 28…


February 1st, 2018

Sit a moment. . . I’ll tell a tale of a few horses.
Thompson’s Horse Lot, Pitkin La. . . .
Twenty-eight Thoroughbreds stand in a kill pen, slated to ship to slaughter.
Oh, the outrage! The outcry! The insults, the anger, the horrified responses………
Thirteen were to be paid for and picked up January, 26th. . . They were not.
So, I repeat….Twenty eight Thoroughbreds stand huddled together awaiting…………….What?
A savior?
Someone to say ‘ The price of $950 each is absurd, but I’ll take that chance’?
A long, torturous ride to the border in that loud, rumbling truck?
A slow death?
They do not get to decide.
We do.
I decided to take that chance. Yes, on all of them. The tattoo, the name, the height, the age…. It matters not. How would I choose? How would YOU ?
So yes. . . We chose to help them.
Will you?

February 9th, 2018
ALL twenty eight are safe, and off the lot. . .
That took a village.
I am proud to have been part of this! <3
THOMPSON TBsThompson TBTB Bay THompsonTB mud Thompsons

THompson limpy




[wpvideo wwtKy4eX]



[wpvideo JjHSELIh]

Wednesday, February 7th………. 10 Remain…………


[wpvideo dcIzSKjX]



TB not one


February 12, 2018 . . .
Freedom! 13 Thoroughbreds breathing clean air, eating good hay, drinking fresh water. . .Β  A sight to behold. <3


February 20 2018





June 2018

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