The Carter Chaos

They shouldn’t have lived….Much less thrived.

November 2017

Thirty three…..
Thirty three babies… Separated from their mothers, who were all shipped to slaughter….These precious Navajo Reservation faces found themselves on a ‘feedlot’ in Colorado.

Somehow, we pulled it off. These are all safe, paid, and being moved to quarantine for evaluation, handling, vetting, ( and of course a photo shoot!) before being placedΒ  into their new homes….one by one.
Thank you to all those who helped make this happen!!!
It was huge…for us, and for them.

The HELL that these babies brought about is unlike any I’ve ever seen. THe fighting, the differing opinions, the hatred…..
To me? Totally worth every bit of it to see them today. All but two have gone on to new homes who adore them and update us regularly.
It was a hell of a thing , indeed.Β  Kick ass, Carters! We’ll love you always.
The crazy part? I’d do it all over again. <3






We will update about them very, very soon <3

December 7th 2017
The ‘Carter Babies’ are ‘Carter’Β  no more. After a week of holding in Colorado, they have made their way both into their new homes, with their new person, and all the way to Texas ! Welcome home, little guys!

carter babies texascarter babies texas2carter babies texas3carter babies texas4carter babies texas89carter babies teas7

DECEMBER 10th 2017








May 2018 :
little Update on a few of these guys .
All doing well, growing, learning. . .Thank you to ALL who helped them!!!



sh carter dudes

June 2018 ~ Update! Those little faces have seen so much. . .

sh c babies8sh c babies9sh cbabiessh c babies7



These guys have come a long, long way.
Update as of August 1st, 2018 :
‘Rudy’…the tiny bay colt with no markings….will remain here forever. Thank you to these kids for all they taught me…. I could not be more proud of them!



sh carter bay




[wpvideo hZt6IKFK]




Original video taken November 2017 on the feedlot in Colorado:



[wpvideo ARvj7b1Q]

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