The horse that started it all…For me

Etenzo face.jpg

Meet Aria Etenzo <3

He’s gorgeous, right?(It’s possible I’m a bit biased)


This is the horse that began my true journey into the rescue world. Sure, I’ve had horses all my life. Each special in their own way. . . but this guy? He has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined one horse could.

I did not ‘rescue’ him from a kill pen, nor an auction myself, but he IS a rescue . I have someone else to thank for finding him, taking him in, rehabilitating him physically. . .

But then we found each other. I purchased him ( sight unseen, naturally) and he took his trailer ride home. This horse amazes and inspires me every time I look at him. What he went through? I don’t even want to think of it. . . Yet he is now healthy, happy, and the most loving horse. Is he quirky? Absolutely. Do loud noises and fast movements still bother him? Very much so . Does it faze me? Absolutely not. Can he be ridden? No.

People ask me why I keep this horse. ‘Can you ride him?’ No.( He has overly upright pasterns, and with good farrier work, is more than comfortable! ) “What does he do”         (This always makes me laugh a bit) What does he ‘do’ ? He inspires me. He amazes me. He has raised two young stallions with the pateince of a lovig nanny, he brings a smile to my face.He, despite his past,,,,has overcome, and is happy and thriving.  That is what he does. Isn’t that ….more than enough ?

He made me think…There are so many like him….just waiting for someone to see through the scars, the pain, the fear, the cruelty they have been exposed to. Who would not want to be a part of that?

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ETENENZO face.jpg



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  1. As I like to say when people ask why I have horses I cannot ride – he is flourishing in his own way – he is a being with a heart and soul, and that is quite enough to be!

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